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Functional nutrition and therapeutic massage that is founded in research, anchored in compassion, and tailored to your unique health concerns. Specializing in working with those suffering from autoimmunity, Hashimoto's, fatigue, and weight loss resistance.

Spencer Delling
MS, Functional Nutrition
Certified Massage Therapist


FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION focuses on your biochemical individuality and root causes issues instead of assigning a one-size -fits-all solution.


FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION is anchored in improving your quality of life by working to attain your goals. It seeks to give you skills to use the rest of your life for self-empowerment and vitality.


FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION adheres to both cutting edge scientific research and the holistic, natural approach. 


FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION seeks to empower you in your health journey so that you grow to understand how to nourish your body and be your own best advocate.


FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION, Rapha Nutrition in particular, offers a place where you can be heard and does not discount a person's story or struggle as mere paranoia or psychosomatic illness. 


FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION is based upon the belief that the body is miraculously created. When un-wellness surfaces, the signs and symptoms are pointing to a bigger issue. 


FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION is a response to both the conventional and the alternative care fields, always looking for better answers and more meaningful solutions.

The most important thing in illness is never to lose heart.  

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