Take a trip with Spencer to your local Whole Foods or grocery store of your choice to revamp your grocery shopping experience. Discover new produce you’ve never cooked with, health benefits of new and familiar foods, choosing the best foods for you, the difference between food quality (GMO, organic, conventional, free range, grass fed), labeling, food sensitivity shopping, and more! This service varies from 30-90 minutes at $85/hour depending on your needs.

Spring cleaning, fall cleaning, minimalization…there’s nothing like a good house cleaning. But the pantry seems to be the one place left untouched. Setting yourself up for meal success to attain those wellness goals starts in the pantry. If you have the ingredients to eat well, healthy habits fall into place. Spencer can do in-person or remote pantry audit sessions with you to plan for eating success, learn about the foods your cupboards house, and creatively plan for upgrades to your stocked items. $85/hour

If you are floundering in your attempts to eat well but never seem to make meals to match your goals, this option is for you. Spencer can work with you to put together a meal plan with recipes for success. We can work around your food sensitivities and preferences. Spencer is familiar with a variety of diet plans such as Paleo, Autoimmune, Whole30, and Ketogenic and enjoys drawing from all options to make a plan that suits your needs. Bon apetit! $85/hour

Rapha Nutrition. 7975 Bullard Dr., Newcastle, CA 95658. In-person and remote consults serving Gold Country, CA and beyond. 

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