I Think, Therefore I Am Healthy: Keeping You Well via Psychoneuroimmunology

Of all the body systems, the immune system is most recognized as the body system that tirelessly works keep you WELL and HEALTHY. This incredibly complex system has a myriad of players and influences. Yet, sometimes things can be simplified to just a main point or two. In this current climate, keeping a robust immune system is of paramount importance.

Today's thought is:

Psychoneuroimmunology is a key facet of wellness that augments and supports having a healthy diet. It can be crucial in maintaining Immune Resilience.

Psychoneuroimmunology is a long word that refers to the integration and interaction of your immune system, your brain, and your mental and emotional state and how all of that impacts your wellness. It is a beautiful example of how intimately connected your body is: Every cell impacts every other cell. Even the thoughts you think impact how healthy your cells, and so your body, can be.

Psychoneuroimmunology and immune resilience are two peas in an pod. I recently read an article entitled "Resilience and immunity. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity" (2018) that defines immune resilience as your ability to "adapt to adverse conditions and recover from them." The ability of your immune system to stay functioning and strong is incredibly impacted by your personal beliefs, your outlook on life and health, and your social support system. As much as I love nutrition, sometimes it is necessary to look farther into what is really pulling your immune system down. Eating a great diet cannot save your immune system all by itself. In fact, some believe that your beliefs regarding wellness and health are just as important as the food you eat.

Have you ever met someone who lived each day in joy and strength and seemed to rarely get ill or, when ill, recovered better than many? Psychoneuroimmunology may have been at play here as well as epigenetics. You see, the thoughts you think and the emotions you feel all send biochemical instructions to your body. Being depressed, living in pessimism, etc. can actually impact your cellular DNA and turn genes on and off. Oftentimes, living in the dumps makes your cells more prone to turn ON disease-causing genes!

So here are a few key points for you to masticate on today that are taken from that resilience and immunity article: