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What is your health challenge? Do you battle "mystery" symptoms or do you struggle with diagnosed disease such as autoimmunity? After seeing multiple doctors, have you been told there is nothing to do about your difficulties? Have you realized you don't actually eat real, whole foods or don't understand how nutrition can help?

Functional nutrition looks for the order and beauty of your body, asking for the "why" behind dysfunction and discomfort and how to apply that "why" to how you eat and live. Every bite we eat, every product we put on our bodies is giving our bodies information - both good and bad. Imagine using the dinner you'll eat tonight, the soap you'll use in the shower, and the omega-3 supplement you take to give your body information it can use to promote health. 


It's time to reclaim power and responsibility for your wellness, to begin listening to what your body is telling you, and to learn how to make sustainable, life-changing decisions that foster nourishment and vitality! As a functional nutritionist, I believe that each person is infinitely precious. I feel called and motivated to minister to those in my community with all the skills and gifts I have been blessed with. We live in an age of information, yet know so little about the skin we live in. Join me to reclaim control of your health by using your secret, first line defense in wellness: nutrition. 



  • ​Going over your struggles, your goals, and your hopes for working with me.


  • Creating individualized diet and lifestyle goals to support your body's ability to be well. 


  • Looking at your prior lab work and exploring other options for testing to track your body's unique biochemistry as well work together.  Labs are integral as they lay a concrete baseline and also show when you make real progress. It is a key piece of the puzzle and can reveal crucial information in your individual case to eliminate guesswork.

  • Using professional grade supplements to boost your nutritional reserves and improve your body chemistry. 


  • Promoting accountability and success through regular coach and check-in sessions: even just 15 minutes on the phone can make a world of difference!

  • Reassessing and re-crafting your wellness plan as your body changes over time and as your goals change.


  • Discounted professional grade supplements

  • Free consultation time with Spencer embeded 

  • 6% discount if bundle is purchased during the Initial Intensive (excludes Quick Start Plan)

* 1 Month Working with Spencer

* Initial Intensive

* Review of Findings

* Customized Plan of Action

* Tailored Nutrition Plan

* 3 Wellness Check-Ins: Accountability

* 2 Free Email Inquiries

* 15% Off All Professional Grade Supplements

* Over 4 hours of time, valued at $361


* Initial Intensive

* Review of Findings

* Customized Plan of Action

* Tailored Nutrition Plan

* 5 Follow-up Appointments: Progress Tracking

* 9 Wellness Check-Ins: Accountability

* 24 Free Email Inquiries

* Lab Tracking

* 20% Off All Professional Grade Supplements

* Over 16 hours of time, valued at $1423

$914 / $860 when purchased during the Initial Intensive

* Initial Intensive

* Review of Findings

* Customized Plan of Action

* Tailored Nutrition Plan

* 2 Monthly Follow-up Appointments: Progress Tracking

* 7 Wellness Check-Ins: Accountability

* 6 Free Email Inquiries

* Lab Tracking

* 20% Off All Professional Grade Supplements

* Over 7 hours of time, valued at $659

$531 / $500 when purchased during Initial Intensive

* Initial Intensive

* Review of Findings

* Customized Plan of Action

* Tailored Nutrition Plan

* 9 Follow-up appointments: Progress Tracking

* 17 Wellness Check-Ins: Accountability

* 48 Free Email Inquiries

* Lab Tracking

* 25% Off All Professional Grade Supplements

* Over 29 hours of time, valued at $2486

$1381 / $1300 when purchased during the Initial Intensive

Bundles do NOT include lab costs, travel fees, or supplement costs


Health is an investment and your needs are incredibly unique. Before diving into your wellness journey with Spencer, take advantage of this free 15 minute discovery session. During this call, you will be able to get to know Spencer as well as become familiar with her skill set and approach to health and nutrition. This is the time for both you and Spencer to assess whether you would be a good fit. Feel free to ask any questions you need to and be prepared for a few questions yourself!

Because each person is incredibly unique, Spencer takes great care to assess your needs and goals. This appointment is about you sharing your story, health issues, prior lab work, and really anything you desire to share. It’s all relevant. Spencer will then go do the hard work of assessing these details and goals to customize a wellness plan for your next session. Additionally, Spencer will begin setting you up for success with self-educational materials, immediate actions you can implement, and much more.

During this meeting, Spencer will present her customized plan for you. Life upgrades will include: diet, professional grade supplements, tracking your body chemistry, self-empowerment, chronic stress, toxicity in your household products, and more. As you progress, Spencer will keep an eye on the plan and make changes as you need them for sustainable, meaningful change over time. This is about your ability to do the things you want, your quality of life, and your ability to have healthy relationships.

Change takes time and commitment. Support is crucial during these periods of life. As you continue with your wellness journey, Spencer is committed to being there to cheer you on and give you the support you need. Because of this, 15 minute phone check-ins are built into each bundle. Typically scheduled once per week, these sessions are a time for you to be encouraged, to get guidance on hang-ups, and to continue charging ahead toward your goals.

These sessions are held every 4-8 weeks, depending on your needs. You can expect to go in-depth about your current progress, hiccups, and review your goals. Any lab work done in the prior weeks with also be looked at. You will be given new habits to work on and new tips and tricks for pursuing your journey toward health. These sessions are integral as they provide more comprehensive help to you than the weekly calls and emails and they keep you on track as your see your body and mind make progress! 


Take a trip with Spencer to your local Whole Foods or grocery store of your choice to revamp your grocery shopping experience. Discover new produce you’ve never cooked with, health benefits of new and familiar foods, choosing the best foods for you, the difference between food quality (GMO, organic, conventional, free range, grass fed), labeling, food sensitivity shopping, and more! This service varies from 30-90 minutes at $85/hour depending on your needs.

If you are floundering in your attempts to eat well but never seem to make meals to match your goals, this option is for you. Spencer can work with you to put together a meal plan with recipes for success. We can work around your food sensitivities and preferences. Spencer is familiar with a variety of diet plans such as Paleo, Autoimmune, Whole30, and Ketogenic and enjoys drawing from all options to make a plan that suits your needs. Bon apetit! $85/hour

Spring cleaning, fall cleaning, minimalization…there’s nothing like a good house cleaning. But the pantry seems to be the one place left untouched. Setting yourself up for meal success to attain those wellness goals starts in the pantry. If you have the ingredients to eat well, healthy habits fall into place. Spencer can do in-person or remote pantry audit sessions with you to plan for eating success, learn about the foods your cupboards house, and creatively plan for upgrades to your stocked items. $85/hour

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